Beacon Hub – Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon to Wi-Fi Gateway Solution

Track assets wirelessly and easily

The m2GW software solution, in concert with the m2Beacon, becomes the industry’s first wireless proximity solution capable of simultaneously receiving Bluetooth LE packets from BLE-enabled tags – the m1Beacon – and transmitting them in a Wi-Fi payload to a cloud-based server. This revolutionary solution features a single small form factor at an affordable price.  The patent-pending design is capable of leveraging an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure or an inexpensive off-the-shelf Wi-Fi router to transmit the Wi-Fi payload to its server destination.

Unlike existing BLE-based RFID solutions, the solution doesn’t require an app-enabled handheld device such as a smartphone or tablet, to scan and discover BLE tags or beacons. The solution includes a cloud based server that can collect proximity, movements and dwelling patterns over time. In addition, the transformational solution provides powerful analytics under a single web based platform.


Netclearance Systems, Inc. – The leader in integrated proximity marketing and insight solutions

The m2GW solution joins the suite of insight solutions that deliver real time data in enabling workplace management solutions for both employee and asset tracking – Netclearance Systems, Inc. Workplace Management & Insight Solutions.

NCS also provides customer mobile proximity marketing, engagement and insight solutions that help clients drive greater revenue and garner increased engagement with their customers – Netclearance Systems, Inc. Customer Insight& Engagement Solutions.

Workplace analytics plus customer insight and engagement – all in one easy, affordable solution

“Based on this new and innovative design, the first application we are offering to our hospitality and retail customers is the ability to deploy a single multi-function beacon that can be used for workforce tracking and asset tracking in addition to customer insight and engagement. Our solutions allow our customers to leverage a single beacon for multiple uses to maximize ROI,” said David Fernandez, Founder & CEO. “We’re very excited to give our customers a better return on their investment by being able to offer proximity based marketing and content for all mobile operating systems and phones. In addition, we can now offer the ability to track employees’ movements, assets’ location and dwelling patterns at the same time under a single web-based management platform.”

By combining and leveraging the infrastructure for both NCS Workplace Management & Insight Solutions and NCS Customer Insight & Engagement Solutions, the need for two separate infrastructures – one for engagement and another for tracking – is eliminated. NCS customers will enjoy an increase of greater than 10x ROI when compared with other disparate solutions.

The software works with both the mBeacon2 and the mBeacon1 – Netclearance Systems, Inc. multi-mode proximity beacons. The m1Beacon is an affordable BLE-only and battery-operated device that can be easily attached to employees’ id badges or uniforms and other assets.  All Netclearance Systems, Inc. solutions, utilize beacon technology and feature an open server APIs (REST), mobile SDKs, and advanced analytics capabilities. In addition, Netclearance Systems, Inc. is the only company that offers a comprehensive web-based content and beacon management platform for all smartphones. It supports new and legacy smartphones by offering a unique low-power Wi-Fi and BLE beacon architecture that is compatible with all mobile platforms.

The integrated workforce tracking and customer engagement solution is shipping today and comes in various price models depending on the venue size, number of employees, types of assets and desired features. For more information please contact us at