Rema 1000 – Nordic supermarket chain employs beacons for fast and secure checkout

A new way to pay for groceries

Rema 1000 – the nordic supermarket chain has started to deploy mobile payment beacons in all their stores this summer.

Danske Bank’s MobilePay payment will be now accepted in shops once you install the app on your smartphone on either iOS , Android or Windows Phone. Once your items are scanned at checkout and you need to pay, waving your smartphone over a Netclearance’s smart beacon with Danske’s Bank MobilePay logo, you get immediately the amount shown in the app, which awaits your confirmation by a swipe gesture to the right as with a traditional MobilePay payment. 

Next generation mobile payment terminal

The box located at the checkout contains Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, NFC and a unique QR code, so you have more opportunities to complete the purchase. This allows a phone-agnostic approach by supporting all platforms regardless of make, model and operating system. If this is not possible in your smartphone there is on the top of the box a unique QR code that you can scan through the app. In seconds you can then buy your items without having to enter any amount manually. All that is required is your usual MobilePay app login, when you open the app.