Cryptocurrencies in retail: Bitcoins and Beacons

Cryptocurrencies in retail, the future is now.

Bitcoin has gained traction in recent years. But what is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new mode of payment, a new type of money that works as a worldwide payment method with low processing fees and fast peer-to-peer transactions.

Utilization of peer-to-peer technology allows Bitcoin to operate with no banks or central authority to control its transactions.

The issuing of bitcoins as well as the management of transactions is carried out through the network, collectively. In addition, Bitcoin is open-source making the design of Bitcoin available for public use.

No one controls or owns Bitcoin and the world can be a part of it. Bitcoin has a variety of unique properties allowing exciting uses no other previous payment system can top, especially maintaining privacy.

The only problem is because it is so new, few companies use it in retail as existing payment terminals and cash registers cannot support this new payment method so easily.


Netclearance mBeaconPay platform allows seamless integration with retail cash registers enabling Bitcoin payment acceptance in the popular world of retail, thus helping customer adopt it as a preferred method of payment.

Imagine, never having to use a bank account or credit card again? Bitcoins give you privacy and allow you to make purchases without fear of being monitored. Better yet, with companies like Netclearance providing the bridge between Bitcoin and retail, soon this innovative payment method will become the norm.

In fact, there are already deployments underway in Scandinavia that are paving the way for new digital currencies in retail. 

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