Enhance Workplace Productivity with Office Space Analytics


The advent and rapid acceptance of the Agile development model has significantly impacted the design and layout of office spaces. In the past, a typical office space would be composed of row after row of cubicles with a few individual offices set aside for higher level employees and meeting areas. Now, group collaboration is more highly prized leading to open floor plans, "touchdown areas", standing desks and other innovative designs.  However, this shift to customized work space layouts has greatly increased the need for accurate and timely office space analytics

    Office space analytics encompasses a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Tracking employees indoors
  • Office space utilization and optimization
  • Asset tracking inside an office building
  • Furniture utilization

The information gained through analytical reports for each of these areas has a significant impact on facility management decisions. In addition, operational reports detail the overall level of efficiency in facility management processes allowing an organization the ability to strive of greater levels of optimization. 

Tracking Employees Indoors

The open and custom floor plans found in many facilities often results in employees and project teams migrating throughout the building either to make use of the limited meeting rooms or interacting with other groups as part of a technical exchange. Through office space analytics, employee location and movement can be tracked giving insight into processes that can further drive productivity.

Office Space Utilization and Optimization

Understand how office space utilization provides valuable insight into facility usage.  Through analytics, identifying infrequently used areas within the facility allows re-purposing of these areas for more productive and profitable use. In addition, an optimal scheduling of areas within the facility that are in great demand is possible through the detailed reports generated by the analytical software.

Asset Tracking within an Office Building

One of the most painstaking and tedious tasks within a facility is monitoring all of the physical assets. Laptops, disk drives, scanners and other movable assets tend to migrate throughout a facility over time as employees carry them when moving from one area to another. In addition to discovering the location of a particular asset, this software allows an organization to identify how often it is used and whether additional assets are required to promote future business growth.

Furniture Utilization

In many facilities, the cost of office furniture rental is the price of doing business. Through office space analytics, furniture that is not used for a period can of time can be tracked allowing an organization to return unnecessary furniture saving several hundred, if not thousands, in monthly rental costs.

Through office space analytics, an organization will achieve a more optimal use of office spaces, assets and furniture leading to higher employee productivity and an excellent ROI. Contact Netclearance to learn how this software solution benefits both your employees and organization.