Office Space Analytics Use Case: Optimizing Furniture Utilization

Businesses always pay attention to how efficiently their employees are working, but what about the chairs they're sitting in or the tables they're sitting at? Office furniture is an investment in a business's productivity, and if it's gathering dust in a forgotten supply closet, it's not an investment that's paying off. Netclearance's Office Space Analytics product can help businesses of any size optimize their furniture resources in two key ways.

Office Space Analytics provides accurate, real-time furniture inventory

Cost Owl estimates that a computer desk for an employee at a typical business can cost up to $2000. Multiply that figure by the count of employees in your office, and chances are you have a surprisingly large dollar amount invested just in desks, to say nothing of chairs, bookcases, retail shelving units, etc. Businesses like hotels and hospitals have an even larger furniture inventory to manage. Using Netclearance's office space analytics ensures that you have real-time knowledge of how much furniture you have and exactly where it is currently located, allowing maximum flexibility of use.

Office Space Analytics controls furniture costs through data-driven insights

Better data leads to better decisions. By zeroing in on how much your business spends on furniture purchase and replacement, you can gain control of your furniture budget and make sure your desks and chairs are working as hard as you are. Analytics can also help you identify key furniture needs and plan ahead for the future. 

Regardless of your industry, Netclearance's Office Space Analytics can help your business gain an accurate picture of your furniture usage and in order to optimize both utilization and cost.