Trade Show Space Analytics Benefit Vendors, Customers, and Organizers Alike


Trade shows can be overwhelming in their size and layout. It is easy for a vendor's booth to get lost in all the chaos. It is also easy for a customer to get lost and inadvertently miss some booths. There is, however, a simple solution. That solution is space analytics.

Space analytics improve profits for vendors and organizers alike and there are many simple applications that can help accomplish this task. Generating a smart-phone accessible map of the show is one particularly easy task. Tracking visitor flow through the use of sniffers or even just overhead cameras or ground level sensors is another.

Space analytics can help track particularly important exhibit components and thus provide a level of security that has seldom been possible in the past. Space analytics can also track employees and their movement, or lack thereof.  

Vendors know that some booths at big events like trade shows are more optimally located than are others. Vendors, particularly those that attend a show year after year, covet particular spaces but treat others as though they were tainted with some incurable disease-causing organism. Space analytics can be used to validate a vendor's contention that they are not getting their share of foot traffic or dispel it.  

Space analytics can help show organizers address any problems relating to traffic flow. Space analytic programs facilitate the logical rearrangement of space, furniture and exhibits. This data also justifies the utilization of a sliding vendor booth fee. If one area continuously gets more foot traffic than another then it is certainly logical to charge more for the booths that are in that area. 

Space analytics programs are now available that prove what vendors have known all along, some spaces at trade shows are more valuable than others in terms of higher foot traffic and potential leads and sells. There may be possibilities for correcting any blatant layout flaws or, if that fails, there may be a way to actually reap more profit from those flaws. If you would like to know more about space analytics and what it can do for your trade show, please contact us.