Optimize your Exhibit and Engage attendees with Trade Show Space Analytics

Trade shows can be a great place to highlight your brand innovations and target potential clients in a high demand setting. 

Designing your exhibition to showcase featured products in a way that stands out from the rest, and effectively reveals your company vision, is the first step. 

Additionally, engaging attendees with pre-show marketing will boost visits and get them to your table, where it's up to your staff to shine the spotlight on the quality products you offer. 

However, thanks to recent technological developments, there's now even more you can do to ensure a successful run. 

From planning and set-up to attendee arrival, trade show space analytics software can help you optimize each minute at the event.

Foot-traffic analysis

See live updates on hot and cold traffic areas with a bird's-eye view. Track staff and attendees inside the event, and make adjustments as needed to maximize contact, visibility and engagement opportunities. 

Optimize your space

Your paying for your slice of carpet, so make sure it's set-up to maximize every square-inch of your investment. Space analytics technology can help you determine the best utilization of the space available, from where to put the furniture, to the layout of your marketing materials and signage. 

Network live

Use mobile apps to connect staff and attendees during the show. You're going to be in direct competition with other brands from your field, some of which will likely have similar products on display. Engage visitors throughout the event, even after they walk away from your table, so you stick out in their memory and stay connected. 

At a trade show, there's no room for passivity; you are there to network, boost business and increase your marketing profile. 

For more information on using our space analytics solutions to fuel your trade show appearance and drive ROI, contact us for a consultation.