LoT - Location of Things - Where is that box?

 The Location of Things or LoT can tell you where things are in real time using active RFID tags or labels.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a sensor technology based on smart tags, which are attached to different items. The microchip in the tag stores a small amount of data and comes with a small radio frequency transceiver that transmit the data at predetermined intervals. 

RFID labels contain more information than a barcode label. An RFID label will tell you not only that the item is a green tee shirt, but which green tee shirt.

For example, if you order a gross of tees in various colors and styles, with RFID labels you can follow those tees from manufacture to arrival in your store. Once the tee shirt has been manufactured and packaged, the package is labeled with an active RFID tag containing the information about its content - smart packaging. 

You have been able to follow the green tee shirt from the moment of manufacture to its arrival in your store via the RFID label. Now the RFID label goes to work for you.

On arrival, without even being taken out of the box, the package is automatically scanned into inventory, saving you employee hours. You know where in the stock room the tee has been stored, when the tee is moved to the sales floor, and you know where the tee is on the sales floor. More importantly, you know how long it takes that tee to sell. Using RFID labels, you know which colors and sizes are the best sellers. You know when and what to reorder. All this can be done remotely at a touch of a button.

With active RFID tags from Netclearance, a manufacturer can simply put an active tag in a box of shirts. Upon arrival the Netclearance active reader can quickly scan and receive the signals from the active tags saving precious time and costs by not having to scan each shirt individually and by installing an expensive array of passive RFID readers and antennas to capture individual tags.

LoT and ultra low power active RFID labels will help streamline your business and help increase sales. Netclearance can assist you with this amazing technology.