Wearable Technologies in the Enterprise Are Already Making an Impact

While the IoT may still be trying to find itself within the personal lives of consumers, its practical use cases for the improvement of business processes is already well in motion.

Wearable technologies now have the capability to provide a wide array of business applications - from keeping tabs on assets to optimizing workflows - to utilizing the latest Bluetooth technology for greater communication between employees. 

With awareness of the potential for enterprise wearables growing exponentially, companies are beginning to take a serious look at transformative use case possibilities for the technology that may already exist within their own business processes.

Software maker Netclearance is at the forefront of the wearable technologies revolution. Their mBeaconCard has the appearance of an ordinary credit card, yet can be mounted to high-value mobile assets. Additionally, it doubles as an employee badge that utilizes NFC technology for greater internal security. 

The range of applications for the "all-in-one" mBeaconCard is stunning since it can be customized for a multitude of processes that require movement related tracking. Components of the badge include sensors, an NFC module, a Bluetooth radio and an embedded accelerometer.

Everyday consumers may not yet require the level the level of technology where vital data is transmitted in real-time. However, new forms and functions of enterprise level wearable technology are not only yet to be uncovered, they're also clearly already having a game changing impact.

Businesses who are early adopters in the implementation of wearable technologies are quickly finding a tremendous competitive advantage in employee productivity and the tracking of valuable company assets.