How Banks Can Catch Up With Third-Party Mobile Wallets: It's A Priority


If how banks can catch up with third-party mobile wallets isn't a priority for your institution now, it soon will be.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, banks have been losing ground to mobile wallets for years. Customers have to deal with their banks less and less, and this puts financial institutions at risk of losing customer loyalty. 

Instead of conceding to the competition, financial institutions can now jump into the game with their own, branded mobile wallet. Netclearance has a turnkey solution called mBeaconPay that will help bring your customers loyalty back. Netclearance's smart payment terminals come various form factors that are tailored to fit your needs exactly. 

Our solution is already surging in popularity. Danske Bank's mobile wallet is one of the top 5 across mobile wallets in Scandinavia and is used on nine out of ten smartphones in Denmark. Our unparalleled mobile customer engagement continues to keep us on top. Banks need to stay relevant in the age of mobile payments, and Netclearance mBeacons are your key to the future. 

The most important feature of mBeaconPay is its ubiquitous platform. This smart payment terminal is compatible with all major mobile operating systems and cash registers. It can work with cash or credit card based transactions. This means that no matter what device they are carrying or payment method, your customers transactions will go through seamlessly. It offers unparalleled mobile customer engagement that is unique in the industry.

Your bank can take the lead in your customers mobile payment experiences. Since the day people leave their houses without their cards is closer than we think, it's time to take action. Contact Netclearance for your turnkey mobile wallet solution, mBeaconPay.