Proximity Payments Technology, the future of transactions worldwide

Proximity Payments Technology is the wave of the spending future

What are proximity payments?

Proximity payments or proximity mobile payments are point of sale financial transactions that are handled with a mobile phone or device. The purchaser can either tap the required keys, wave the phone in front of a reading device, or have a sales clerk scan a code shown in the mobile display. They are one of the simplest and most hassle- free payment options available and proximity usage is exploding.


The proximity payment revolution.

Ease of use and guaranteed security are driving the proximity payment boom into overdrive, financial institutions world-wide are sitting up and taking notice. Africa, Northern Europe, China and America are all getting onto the proximity payment bandwagon with a vengeance. Banks are scrambling to create their own proximity payment architecture, along with major retailers.

Big and getting bigger

In the early stages proximity payments were novel and fraught with problems. Those days are over. In the UK, over the course of 2016, proximity payments are set to account for 78 million Euros. The year 2017 is predicted to triple those numbers. Proximity payments were slow to get going in the UK, but they are here, and catching on rapidly.

Is it Safe?

Yes. The huge increase in proximity payments has been fueled (in part) by the success of blockchain technologies. Blockchain technology guarantees the user safety in numbers. Every single transaction is broken into a million parts and stored in “blockchain nodes” all around the country and the world. No hacker or virus can capture all of the information they need at any time.

The smart companies leading this technological revolution.

Multiple companies offer proprietary proximity payment structures. These are companies creating their own “blockchain style” networks and architecture. Smartbeacon is one of these payment options. Netclearance and mBeaconpay offer incredible value to the consumer and the banks, while protecting everyone involved with the highest security available.

What are the benefits of Netclearance and mBeaconPay?

The list is long, but we'll condense it for you:

  • Use any smart phone, any time. No more being forced into a certain model or brand to use smartpay technology

  • Can function in credit card networks

  • No transactions fees, ever.

  • No processing fees or processing terminal

  • banks and retailers can own the transaction data

  • Payment solutions can be customized. One can use their bank account, debit card or paypal/bitcoin account, even their credit card.

Want an example?

A form of mBeaconpay technology has revolutionized the MobilePay application from Danske Bank. Retailers can process all transactions safely and effectively through MobilePay's new retail application, and never have to swipe or process a credit card. It makes using MobilePay as an online wallet effortless.

Ready to get on board?

No matter what your business is, or how many units you sell per day, you will benefit from proximity payments. Making a purchase easy for a customer is important to sales. When you are ready to join the big leagues please