Cashless Vending: The Inconvenience of Cash

Cashless Vending is on the rise worldwide. It growing hand-and-hand with society's need to convert to a cashless world. It dovetails with the seeming need to dispel traditional means of doing business. Filling the vacuum is the ever-present mobile phone. Not only can consumers watch movies, or listen to music, or tend to their social needs, or online shopping using their mobile devices, they can pay for items available in vending machines.

Presently, twenty-five percent of vending machine purchases take place using a mobile device. It fits perfectly into the current lifestyles and demands of the public. Racing down an airport corridor, or the halls of some skyscraper before an important meeting, one needs only stop for a second to grab a bag chips with the mere wave of their phone over the smart beacon.

Catapulting this fast-evolving revolution are the two key interrelated demands of speed and convenience. 

The mBeacondVend just introduced by Netclearance now stands at the forefront of smart beacon technology. The plan is to extend convenience and speed by using vending machines to deliver products to people as they go about their hurried business.

This innovation pushes the vending machine industry and others into innovating. If consumers adjust to purchasing goods (and possibly services) through vending machines, the operators will quickly discover ways to offer more goods. It also seems to compliment the fast food industry.

This latter industry is undergoing change in order to reduce payroll costs. Re-invention of the automats that provide the food and drinks is growing. With the mBeaconVend, merely waving the phone over the Smart Beacon avoids having to make an order.

This last example is speculation, but very possible. One innovation seems to always pull along other industries into innovating and vice-versa.

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