Three Reasons Why Cashless Vending is Growing

Imagine a world where your wallet, that ubiquitous accessory so vital to commerce, is no longer necessary. That world is rapidly approaching with the advent of Netclearance's mBeaconVend, a revolutionary cashless vending technology that enacts vending machine transactions by way of its unique mobile payments solution.

Why adopt mBeaconVend? Here's three reasons that prove why incorporating mBeaconVend into your fleet of machines is simply good business sense.

1. The faster and easier your transactions, the more of them there are

It's common knowledge that quicker transactions attract repeat customers and reduce walkaways during rush times. Additionally, easy transactions help the people who are most likely to use your vending machines: folks who are traveling. These customers tend to be overburdened and in a hurry, and if they have to dig for change they may give up on the transaction.

2. No change? No problem

People might leave their keys, wallets or umbrellas at home, but rarely do they forget to bring their phone. And when someone who already has their phone in hand passes a vending machine with mBeaconVend, it's just one short step to wave it over the smart beacon. Joggers and others who typically leave the home without cash will especially appreciate the ease with which they can buy essentials such as bottled water.

3. Effortlessly track purchases and analytics

Smart vending machines connect to the internet wirelessly to provide a range of data. Beyond the traditional analytics that vending machines provide, because mBeaconVend utilizes an app on the consumer's phone, much more data becomes possible, such as how often that person visits that machine and with what frequency they buy which products.

Thanks to mBeaconVend, you can explore the future of vending today by incorporating mobile payments into your existing machines. Looking for more information on how easy it is to get started? Contact us at Netclearance for a free consultation on our process.