Wearable Technologies Make it Easy to See Who is Where

If your company has ever had to make a customer wait or delay an operation because nobody could find the person needed to move forward, you know one of the reasons that it's important to be able to track employees' locations. Until now, however, finding someone within a sizeable location meant either paging that person or sending a runner to physically look for him or her. Neither of these are optimal solutions - pages may not be heard, and whoever is sent to look for a person could have been doing something else instead.

Our mBeacon smart badge puts an end to this problem. It constantly beams its location to a central router, which then displays that location on a screen. Simply have all of your employees wear their badges while on duty to have real-time information on exactly where they are.

If you run a retail establishment, you'll soon see your customer satisfaction improve due to the improvement in service. Your store will seem far more professional when the person with the answer to a customer's question can be found and brought over within a couple of minutes instead of 10 or 20. On top of this benefit, you'll be able to serve more customers since time won't be wasted with unnecessary delays.

For those who operate warehouses and factories, the ability to find key personnel, such as supervisors, will bring greatly increased efficiency to the company. When someone has a critical question or there is a snafu, the appropriate manager can quickly be located and brought into the loop. This will reduce the amount of waiting involved and let people get back to work much faster.

These are just some of the benefits of outfitting your employees with our mBeacon badges. Contact us to learn more.