Location of Things Technology Ensures You Never Lose Your Equipment Again


Has your company lost productive time simply because people couldn't find essential items for the job at hand? This situation is all too common in many factories and even offices. Over time, people take tools and inventory to random locations as their jobs require, but something comes up before the things can be returned to the proper place. Then, when they're needed again, your workers may have to spend minutes or even hours hunting them down before a task can be started.

Now, there is an easy way to prevent this scenario from happening. With Location of Things (LOT) technology, every item can be fitted with a beacon that tells your system its exact location. Work will then progress without a hitch - even if the needed materials were originally left hundreds of feet away from where they belonged.

Setting up such a system is easy when you combine our mBeacon BLE beacons with our mBeacon gateways. The beacons tell the gateways where they are, and the gateway then displays this information to those who need to have it. These people include you, your company's supervisors, project managers, and other such personnel. Once everything is set up, your employees will be able to find whatever they need just by asking their managers.

If your company routinely does jobs that require materials or tools to be moved around, you'll surely see major productivity improvements - and profit improvements - once your people aren't spending half the day trying to find things. To learn how easily you can implement our LOT solutions, just contact us. We'll be glad to help you get set up.