IoT Technology Brings New Revenue Possibilities to your POS

With the recent technological advancements, the market has changed in form when it comes to buying and selling. With the use of money currency and the smart card being replaced by blockchain applications of payments, the retail market has evolved significantly to adapt to the developments. One of the devices that have brought significant change in the payment industry is the mBeaconSAM. By using Bluetooth connectivity and being compatible with the standard smart card, the mBeaconSAM provides location information and proximity payments hence increasing customer loyalty as it is a location-based application. What exactly are the benefits of using mBeaconSAM for the retailer?

Increased efficiency

The mBeaconSAM comes in a small chip that integrates with your card reader. With the chip, retailers can serve any customer with any card and enable customers to pay at their convenience without having to change the card reader to process different cards. By having a card reader that allows all payments, the retailer increases efficiency and can achieve more.

Increased convenience for your customer

Many customers do not like carrying money around. Having an alternative that requires them to have a mobile phone and a Bluetooth connection to make mobile payments increases convenience, and in turn translate into more future sales and increased customer loyalty.

Enhanced security of transactions

The mBeaconSAM comes with bank grade encryption such that your transaction with the customer is secure and safe. Information from their card and mobile interaction is secure such that no other party can access the information during transactions.

Affordable and easy to adopt

mBeaconSAM does not require a lot to set up. All you need is a card reader, Bluetooth enabled transmitters and a chip. After the setup of the infrastructure gets done, you embark on creating your tags and location information. You are ready to go since it comes in ready-to-use form.

How Netclearance Can Help

Mobile payments will undoubtedly feature strongly in the future. Retailers and Fintech companies can get involved today by accepting mobile payments from smartphones and wearables outside the 'walled gardens' of Apple, Google and other NFC systems. Click here for more information on how our next generation mobile payment beacon provides a compelling proposition for retailers and fintech companies.