How mBeaconSAM Enables IoT Payments at POS: Bringing Bluetooth Low Energy to Your Business


You've likely heard a lot about The Internet of Things and how it's ushered in the era of smart devices. While we're seeing it used in everything from appliances to our entertainment devices, only recently have we seen IoT employed into the world of payment systems.

At Netclearance, we've recently designed our latest product: the mBeaconSAM. It's a BLE 5.0 SIM-sized payments beacon you can slot into your existing credit card readers to allow mobile payments.

In other words, mBeaconSAM enables IoT payments at any POS, which means far more convenience for your customers.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

At the center of mBeaconSAM is the ability to use Bluetooth Low Energy technology, something designed for IoT and devices requiring longer hours of power.

Integrating this technology into a mobile payment system guarantees you can keep things running without lulls while reaching a wider customer base.

With many consumers now using mobile for all their shopping, enabling them to pay by a mobile device from another POS proves you don't have technological limitations. We're living in a time where not providing mobile options turns off many consumers who find other payment methods tedious.

Capturing More Data During the Transaction

Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy in the mBeaconSAM smart card, you'll capture more data from consumers as they buy from you. Whether they use a smartphone, tablet, or wearable during a purchase, the ability to take in more data can become beneficial to scope out information.

Having more data on your consumers enables you to better understand their buying habits. Now you can provide more of what they want in the future.

At the same time, they'll be more apt to want to buy from you thanks to your attention to innovative mobile technology.

Alleviating Any Worry About Security

One thing we assure is bank-grade encryption so you don't have to invest in expensive equipment. It's all built in to the mBeaconSAM's system for complete security assurance.

For any customers who still seem skeptical about purchasing things via mobile, they don't have to fret. They can shop in confidence without wondering what safeguards you have in place.

How Netclearance Can Help

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