Enabling IoT Payments at POS: Capturing the Wearables Market

Have you taken a look at recent statistics on how many people use wearables to do various tasks? For payments, perhaps you've shoved the wearables market in a corner thinking it's still too niche. In truth, statistics show we'll see 830 million wearable devices in use by 2020.

While most people use wearables to find information or track data, they're already being used as a way to do e-commerce. Mobile has certainly made inroads in payment systems. With mBeacons, this can branch out further.

At Netclearance, our mBeaconSAM enables IoT payments at POS to corner the growing wearables demographic.

The Advantage to Enabling Payments On Wearable Devices

Despite it still being a growing market, wearables allow your customers to take part in proximity marketing or payments when they visit your store in-person. Our mBeaconSAM expands on this because it uses a mini smart card you can install in your existing card reader terminals.

Allowing this helps integrate all of today's popular mobile wallets so customers can pay for things faster. It all centers around Bluetooth Low Energy technology, something allowing you to work outside NFC technology used by major tech companies.

BLE was also designed specifically for The Internet of Things, which we're seeing integrate quickly with mobile devices.

Capturing Customers On Their Wearables

When using mBeaconSAM, you can use proximity marketing to your benefit on wearables. Anyone in your store can receive alerts on their wearable device, which alerts them to sales happening nearby.

At the same time, they can quickly shop for an item in your store and buy it on their mobile device without having to go through checkout.

As you can see, this truly revolutionizes the way people shop and prevents the old problem of lineups in your checkout lines.

Assuring Your Customers on Security

Once you start using mBeaconSAM, you'll prove to customers you have top-tier security in place to make all payments secure. With a crypto-engine and secure memory for starters, customers won't have to worry about data being compromised.

Since security is always a concern with mobile users, you want those with wearables to feel equally assured. A highlight is secure customer identity verification so you can gain assurance the customers paying are real rather than imposters.

It's time to think about what you can do to tap into the wearables market. The mBeaconSAM moves you away from the old-guard NFC systems and gives you something ready for the coming decade when mobile payments become the norm.

Visit us at Netclearance to learn more about the mBeaconSAM card and how it works with all mobile technology.