Payment User Experience: Key To Building Customer Loyalty


As many businesses now offer similar products to a fixed customer base, it has become necessary to highlight areas of differentiation from their competitors. These areas of differentiation can help businesses cultivate loyal long-term customers.

One area that businesses can differentiate from their competitors is in customer experience. Research has shown that 86% of US adults are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. The same research also revealed that 89% of US adults switched to a competitor following a poor customer experience. 

One aspect of the customer experience that can be enhanced by businesses is that of digital payments. Some customer expectations when making digital payments include the following:

  • Speed: Customers expect digital transactions to be processed instantaneously, with little to no delay.
  • Simplicity: The payment process should be easy to understand and use, requiring as few steps as possible
  • Security: Customers expect their transactions to be processed securely, minimizing the risk to their personal information.

mBeaconSam by Netclearance is a product that can meet the expectations of customers desiring an enhanced experience when making digital payments. Some of the features of mBeaconSam that serves to enhance the customer experience in making payments are:

  • Payments: mBeaconSam allows customers make payments using their smartphones or any other wearables. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to allow this functionality.
  • Security: mBeaconSam offers very high security and top-notch encryption. With its high-speed processors, crypto-engine, and secure memory, customers are guaranteed that their private information is securely maintained.
  • Up to date: mBeaconSam utilizes cutting-edge Bluetooth 5 technology. It also allows backward compatibility with older technology. In addition, mBeaconSam keeps up with technological advances by allowing wireless firmware upgrades.

mBeaconSAM is a necessary product for any business that wants to differentiate itself from competitors by enhancing user experience. For any questions or further information about the capabilities of this product, contact us today.