The API-fication of Payments in Retail Leads to Smart & Frictionless Transactions

Application Programming Interface (API) technology is the wave of the future, changing the way businesses around the world develop software for various applications. There is one area, however, where API is not being widely utilized. At Netclearance, we provide our clients with APIs for retail payments, offering solutions that are revolutionizing mobile payments in the offline world.

What is API technology?

API refers to a series of routines, protocols, and tools that are used for building software applications. These applications are utilized for a variety of different purposes, such as web streaming and networking. However, API for payments is pretty rare in the offline world, indicating an area of untapped potential. With the API-based approach for payments in the brick-and-mortar world developed by Netclearance, we help our clients tap into that potential.

How API for Payments Works

Today's offline multiparty model for payments is extremely involved, incorporating consumers, different categories of banks, merchants, merchant processors, card networks, and much more. This excessive amount of parties makes for a convoluted and fee heavy system. The online multiparty model for payments is slightly better, involving more streamlined communication between the different parties. However, we think a more streamlined method is possible in the offline world.

Here at Netclearance, we promote a more streamlined three-party model without middle-men, involving just the merchant, the consumer, and the bank, facilitated by our mBeaconPay technology. mBeaconPay allows for the use of mobile devices for cashless transactions at the POS. While many other companies offer mobile solutions, they are simply disguised versions of the excessively complicated multiparty and card-centric solution. Only with Netclearance you will find such an innovative API-based approach for payments without the fees and risks associated with credit card based systems.

When you go with Netclearance's smart payment terminals and APIs, you will be able to take your exisitng POS to the next level with API for payments that allows for cashless, fast and secure mobile transactions. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you implement your own mobile wallet fast and easy without the hassle of PCI, HCE or any other legacy compliance.