Cryptocurrencies Accepted Here



The topic of economics is on many people's minds, these days. Numerous presidential candidates discuss economic policy on the campaign trail and in debates with other candidates. Few of them mention Bitcoin, an innovative alternative to modern-day fiat currency. As Bitcoin increases in popularity, the candidates harm nobody but themselves when they ignore it.

For those unaware, fiat currency is the currency which is printed and minted by a country's government. This would include the Euro, the US, Canadian, and Australian Dollar, and the British pound. Fiat currencies are simply printed, and cannot be exchanged for their equivalent in precious metals, such as gold, silver, or platinum. Many economists point out that the oversupply of fiat currency leads to inflation, allowing governments to subtly manipulate prices. Bitcoin was created to solve this problem. It's an algorithm that cannot be counterfeited, and no more than 21 million can be created. Launched back in 2009, its popularity has steadily grown. Though primarily used for online transaction, there is a need for cryptocurrency use in retail in order to adjust to the ever-shifting market. 

Since Bitcoin does not exist in physical form, special hardware is needed to make transactions with it. Netclearance provides everything a business needs to expand its accepted forms of payment to fit the modern world of commerce. Our software is usable by iPhones and Android smartphones, and easily interfaces with existing Bitcoin wallets. We also provide hardware for cash registers and unattended vending, ushering your business into the future, whether you own a convenience store, restaurant, or grocery store.  Contact us today to find the solution that works best for you.