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Danske Bank MobilePay surpasses all records

MobilePay at Starbucks

Danish Bank mobile payment service, MobilePay, continues to break all records and had in December its best month ever. In 2015, the service doubled its figures, but this does not get Danish Bank to relax its ambitions to double current figures for 2016.

18B kr (Danish Kroner) exchanged hands in 2015 via MobilePay against 7B kr. in 2014 and the service reached in December for the first time over 10M transfers in a single month. Despite the massive growth, the popularity of the service has plenty of steam to grow even further. (Note: 1 Danish kr. equals $0.14 USD at today’s exchange rate)

“We expect at least that we will double the number of stores in 2016. This will be done through a combination of the existing product portfolio and new products and concepts, which we will launch in 2016”, said Mark Wraa-Hansen, head of MobilePay in Danske Bank

Mark Wraa-Hansen attributes a large part of the growth to corporate customers, McDonald's and Danish Supermarket, among others, have adopted the MobilePay solution at their retail stores.

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McDonald’s Denmark rings 10,500 payment transactions in one week via smart beacon technology


Smart beacon payments at McDonald’s

Danish Bank mobile app Mobilepay is really beginning to make inroads in the major Danish retail and restaurant chains across the country.

As the latest addition to a rapidly growing strain introduced McDonald’s d. July 28 the opportunity to use Mobilepay as a payment method in all of its Danish restaurants. After having the system in just over a week, the figures up to and including Wednesday’s sales ready. “We have topped 10,500 transactions and the cut is 1.1 per cent. of our revenue paid through Mobilepay, “says Stine Green Paulsen, Communications Director at McDonald’s Denmark. New means of payment require acclimatization She adds that the use of Mobilepay since its launch has been growing. Wednesday was 1.3 per cent. of revenue through the payment service. Because the system is so new, it is also very early to say anything about the proportion of revenue that will eventually enter through Mobilepay.

At McDonald’s, it is estimated, however, that the upward trend will continue, as customers get used to the new payment option. An announcement that meetings understanding of Retail Institute Scandinavia, dealing with retail and consumer. “Consumers should get used to a new form of payment. Back then Dankort came, people should also get used from always pay with cash, “says Dorte Wimmer, consumer and retail expert at Retail Institute Scandinavia We are moving towards a cash less society To more and more large chains and boutiques such. McDonald’s , Danish Supermarket and Rema 1000 introduces Mobilepay as payment, according Dorte Wimmer a natural development. “There is no doubt that we are going against a non-cash society. I think that Mobilepay going to mean much more over the next few years than it already does now. ”

Original article in Danish: McDonald’s rings 10,500 mobile payments in one week