Headless ATM

Reduce Fraud and Card Skimming with Headless ATMs


As the worldwide economy makes the gradual shift toward cashless alternatives of payment, the payment technologies we use change, as well. One of the newest innovations in payment technology is called the headless ATM and is a tool designed to prevent fraud and crime while providing for the effective transfer of payment information.

What is a headless ATM, and how does it work?

Headless ATMs are the newest innovation in payment technology, tailored to work with the proximity payment software solutions that are beginning to dominate the world economy. While most modern ATMs rely on payments in the form of cash and credit cards and debit cards, headless ATMs accept payment from alternative devices, such as smartphones and smartwatches. Using Bluetooth technology, headless ATMs are capable of establishing connections with participating devices, which transfer payment information through specialized apps.

According to a recent article from News Hour, smartphones are fast replacing credit and debit cards, as banks around the world are continually opting in favor of the new technology. The article cites benefits such as reduced security risk and ease of use as reasons that banks are making the shift toward headless ATM technology.

Netclearance's mBeaconPay

At Netclearance, we specialize in technology solutions that are specially crafted to work with headless ATMs. Our mBeaconPay hardware and software works with ATMs, smartphones, and smartwatches in a seamless manner that cooperates with existing software, making it easy to use and implement. We partner with banks around the world to help them make the shift toward alternative payment and cash withdrawal methods that are revolutionizing monetary transactions. Contact us today to learn how we can help make the shift toward headless ATMs.