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The Future of In-Store Mobile Advertising

Mobile ad networks work by matching mobile advertising inventory with available mobile advertising space, a place where advertisers and publishers meet to gain consumer’s attention. So as more people spend more time consuming mobile media, brands will spend more of their ad budgets on mobile. Seems simple, right?

Wrong! According to eMarketer, recent estimates show that more than 50% of the $16.5 billion worldwide mobile ad market is split among Google Mobile Search, Facebook Mobile App, and a handful of other players like Pandora, Twitter, YP. This means that the majority of mobile ad networks that sell banner ads have failed to deliver the return in ad spend (ROAS) that marketers expected.

It’s Just Not Relevant

One problem with ads served by mobile ad networks is lack of relevancy. For example, a banner ad displaying an in-store product promotion while a consumer is playing a mobile game, or reading an article on a mobile web site, does not deliver the ROI and rate of conversion that in-store mobile advertising could achieve.

Everyone Benefits

At Netclearance we have developed the first in-store mobile ad network that only offers ad inventory to a mobile application while the user is shopping in the store. This type of right-time targeted mobile advertising increases conversion rates by getting people’s attention throughout their in-store path to purchase, where they are most likely to make a purchase.


And Netclearance’s in-store mobile ad network benefits the entire ecosystem — brands, retailers, app publishers and consumers.


  • The in-store mobile ad network gives brands a direct way to reach consumers in-aisle, at-shelf or at end cap via mobile shopper marketing.
  • Patent-pending wireless beaconing technology allows brands to reach and engage with consumers through a branded mobile app, or through the retailer’s app.
  • Brands can send customized deals and additional product information directly to a customer’s smartphone.


  • Stores can offer access to this wireless ad network to their product manufacturers, providing each brand marketer a direct to shopper advertising vehicle.
  • Retailers can create a new revenue stream by offering premium mobile ad space to marketers that can engage in-store customers and increase sales.
  • Retailers can use the mobile platform to create a more pleasant shopping experience that boosts sales and customer loyalty by offering real-time deals, personalized greetings, mobile interactive games and product information.

App Publishers

  • App publishers can now boost revenue and click-through rates (CTR) by tapping into a premium ad inventory that is much more relevant and localized (which can in turn command a higher cost-per-click (CPC) and conversion rates!).
  • Netclearance’s in store ad network inventory can be coupled with in-store location services to provide relevant ad impressions and boost conversions.
  • Targeted ads based on customers past click rates and preferences can increase customer interaction.


  • Consumers can enjoy relevant ad content that promotes new product discovery.
  • Consumers can save money with instant deals and promotions.
  • Consumers will feel like “special guests” by receiving personalized messages relative to their location in the store.

The bottom line is that Netclearance’s turnkey in-store ad network solution provides all the tools necessary to install, run and administer an ad network that can boost sales, increase revenue and delight costumers.