The netclearance proximity solution, our state of the art hardware and software, provides superior business intelligence, unparalleled mobile customer engagement and delivers workplace management solutions with real-time tracking and location capabilities

Understand the Netclearance Difference

Netclearance Uses Proprietary Smart Beacon Technology With Superior Software Analytics To Provide Customers With Both Engagement And Presence Solutions Allowing Businesses To Enjoy Increased Margins


Proprietary Multi-Mode Smart Beacon Technology

Patent-pending multi-mode mobile sensing technology solution that works simultaneously with Near Field Communications (NFC), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Low-Power Wi-Fi (802.11),        Ultra Wide Band (UWB), and Mesh (802.15.4)

Open Cloud and On-Premise Solution

Provides full content management with full-suite applications

Ubiquitous Platform

Supports all major mobile operating systems and legacy operating systems for smartphones, feature phones and tablets

Customer Engagement and Workplace Management Capabilities

Allows multiple business applications all with one technology solution

Mobile Engagement and Presence Analytics

State-of-the-art proximity beacon technology solutions to engage, retain and monetize mobile audiences

Workforce and Logistics Insight

Enhance efficiencies with real-time tracking and analytics

Flexible and Customizable White Label Solution

Multiple form factors, housings and power supply options to choose from

Markets Served

Mobile Payment

Mobile wallets, NFC and BLE tokenization for POS and vending machines.

Advertising Agencies

Innovative technology to add to your strategy and creative services.


Intelligent asset tracking and resource allocation. Humidity, temperature, and light-sensitive alerts.


Indoor mapping, wifi marketing & analytics, coupons, and check-out solutions.


High value asset monitoring, mother/baby identification, active rfid on staff locations.


On-premise guest engagement, indoor mapping, mobile payments and check-out.


Mobile solutions to drive loyalty and avidity in purchasing.

Out of Home

Augmented digital signage solutions that offer  proximity marketing.

Workforce Management

Smart badge solutions that provide employee tracking, check-ins, and emergency/panic alerts.

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The latest trends in mobile payments, IoT and near-field communications

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