A compelling proposition for merchants and financial service providers

The Next Generation Mobile Payment Beacon

Netclearance has introduced the world’s first commercially available Bluetooth 5 payment beacon. mBeaconSAM comes in a 2FF mini SIM-card sized smart card that fits into existing card reader terminals and will enable them for IoT payments transactions.

The device brings several key benefits to merchants and financial service providers:

  • mBeaconSAM upgrades existing payment terminals to accept payments from smartphones or wearable devices using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. The device allows the tens of millions of existing payment terminals to accept payments from mobile-wallets in apps. It functions outside of NFC technology used by Apple, Samsung and Google wallets
  • mBeaconSAM adds proximity marketing capabilities. It acts as a beacon which brings all the benefits of in-store proximity marketing with Apple iBeacon and Google Eddystone-compatible technology
  • The technology is future-proof. Being the first commercial Bluetooth 5 payment beacon with a built-in secure element, it offers bank-grade security with the additional capability of over-the-air firmware upgrades. Bluetooth 5 offers better range, lower power and faster speeds, but it is fully backwards compatible with previous generations
  • mBeaconSAM provides alternative revenue streams from API-based mobile payments that use open wallets, outside of existing walled gardens. This democratisation of mobile wallets means that any app can include a wallet which could be used for any payment. This is in line with the upcoming Payment Services Directive, PSD2, which looks to create an equal playing field for payment service providers.
  • It supports high security and bank grade encryption. Based on appearance, the smart card looks and feels like a mini-SIM card. However, under the hood, the smart card contains a high-speed processor, crypto-engine, secure memory and BLE 5.0 capabilities that interface with the terminals readers via the standard PSAM interface. It performs a variety of functions including access control, mobile payments acceptance, mobile proximity marketing, workforce management and secure customer identity verification.

Netclearance mBeaconSAM

The First Mobile OS Agnostic BLE 5.0 Payment Beacon

A standard 2FF Mini SIM card-sized unit which enables payment terminals to accept mobile payments from smartphones and wearables outside the ‘walled gardens’ of Apple, Google and other NFC systems.

  • Quickly and seamlessly introduces mobile payments
  • Works with existing payment terminal network
  • Enables reduced transaction fees
  • Ensures minimal change to the customer journey whilst enhancing their check-out process
  • Delivers proximity marketing capabilities


Technical Features

  • BLE 5.0 (backwards compatible with 4.x)
  • ISO7816 compatible (bidirectional I/O)
  • 2FF form factor ISO/IEC 7810.2003. ID-000
  • Seamless integration with any card terminal OS
  • Enterprise security with crypto processor and memory (PSD2 ready)
  • Adjustable transmit power and receive sensitivity
  • Flexible power options (5V, 3.3V, 1.8V)
  • Supports proximity marketing & loyalty applications
  • Remote management and firmware upgrades

To request a copy of the mBeaconSAM data sheet, or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us.