Flexible Solution Components

Netclearance mBeacons are provided in various packaging configurations that are either dual or single mode, come in multiple form factors and are available in multiple power options for both engagement and presence solutions
The state-of-the-art patent-pending mBeacon solution suite supports all smartphones and tablets for a multitude of proximity applications combines multiple data sensors with RFID technology to power a wide variety of IoT applications. 


Netclearance Transaction Terminals


Model 1005
Mobile Payment Smart Terminal for Retail POS


Model 1006
Mobile Payment Smart Terminal for Tablet mPOS


Model 1007
Mobile Payment Smart Terminal for Unattended Vending

Model 1008
Mobile Payment Smart Terminal for Peer-to-Peer Transactions


Model 1009                                                                                                                                                       Security Access Module with BLE and Crypto Engine for Credit Card Terminals