Flexible Solution Components



Netclearance mBeacons are provided in various packaging configurations that are either dual or single mode, come in multiple form factors and are available in multiple power options for both engagement and presence solutions


The state-of-the-art patent-pending mBeacon solution suite supports all smartphones and tablets for a multitude of proximity applications

  • mBeacon1 - Ideal for both engagement and presence applications. The mBeacon1 is a single transmitter beacon that can engage Bluetooth LE devices in proximity. The mBeacon1 transmits a wireless BLE signal that can be used to trigger events and engage mobile clients regardless of smartphone operating system. The mBeacon1 also supports a variety of business optimization applications such as workforce management, asset management, tracking and logistics

  • mBeacon2 - Ideal for engagement applications and also can be deployed in presence applications. The mBeacon2 is a dual transmitter beacon that engages Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE devices in proximity. The mBeacon2 transmits a Wi-Fi and BLE signal simultaneously that can trigger events and engage mobile clients regardless of smartphone operating system

  • mBeacon3 – Ideal for high-performance enterprise-grade proximity applications.The mBeacon3 is the industry's first PC (Proximity Computer) with a 1Ghz processor running embedded Linux and integrated Wi-Fi (802.11) and BLE radio technology. Small, compact, wall-plate-mountable form factor easily installs indoors and outdoors with remote monitoring and maintenance through cloud-based management.The mBeacon3 also supports a variety of connectivity options via integrated Wi-Fi, Ethernet (PoE) and Cellular (with modem card).The mBeacon3 supports a variety of business optimization applications such as offline analytics, mobile engagement, workforce management, asset tracking and logistics
  • mBeaconGW – Ideal for combining peer to peer mBeacon networking with network gateway features. The mBeaconGW extends the mBeacon family by offering presence and engagement services with and without smartphone applications. The mBeaconGW is the industry's first BLE-to-Wi-Fi gateway bringing TCP/IP connectivity to BLE devices
  • mBeaconSense - The world's first multi-sensor BLE beacon that combines multiple data sensors with RFID technology to power a wide variety of IoT applications. The mBeaconSense is designed to enable scalable deployments of BLE sensor beacons that can run on small batteries for many years and communicate with NCS’s leading portfolio of IoT gateways (mBeacon2 and mBeacon3) to provide seamless Internet connectivity and remote monitoring capabilities. A multi-sensor hub that can sense temperature, light,  humidity, speed, vibration, magnetic fields and more in a small package
  • mBeaconCard - A smart active credit-card sized badge solution that combines sensors with bidirectional NFC memory, energy harvesting (patent-pending) and a BLE transceiver to support near-field and proximity based transactions for indoor location, access control, asset tagging, visitors management systems, and more
  • mBeaconPay - The first mobile OS agnostic cash-based payment terminal for retail, transit, gas and hospitality. The mBeaconPay supports all wireless proximity technologies such as BLE, NFC, QR and Wi-Fi in a single unit and integrates seamlessly with all point of sale systems. Nominated for Best Cash Innovation Award by PYMNTS.com   
  • mBeaconVend - The first dual-BLE and Wi-Fi mobile vending terminal compliant with MDB (Multi-Drop Bus) standard for the unattended vending machine industry that supports credit card and cash based payments


mCloudContentManangementSystem (mCCMS)

Netclearance proprietary distributed software that powers all solutions and allows customers to manage proximity networks



Netclearance software component that is integrated into the mobile app software providing interfaces to mBeacons and the mCloudContentManagementSystem



Logical software component that provides interfaces into the mCloudContentManagementSystem



Configuration of Netclearance use cases that addresses customers’ desired business outcomes



State-of-the-art analytics and real-time data providing superior insight

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Netclearance offers a number of services including mobile application development assistance, proximity payments and marketing management, engineering services, deployment services and training


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The Netclearance Licensing Program provides access to hardware, software and APIs that enable 3rd party vendors to create integrated shopping solutions


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Netclearance welcomes inquiries from organizations with the opportunity and expertise to integrate, sell, distribute and implement the Netclearance platform