mBeacon2 – A new family of wireless beacons has arrived

Multi-mode Beacon

Netclearance Systems, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based in-venue mobile engagement and analytics solutions, unveiled the world’s first multi-mode indoor location beacon (mBeacon2) designed to enable scalable mobile engagement campaigns. The solution works on all smartphone platforms, and is currently being piloted by some well known and popular brands and hotels.

A new way to deliver mobile personalization and engagement

The mBeacon2 platform is the industry’s first wireless proximity beacon capable of supporting Bluetooth LE and ultra-low power Wi-Fi (802.11) simultaneously in a single small form factor, and at an affordable price. This patent-pending design is capable of supporting all Android, Blackberry, Windows and iPhones (4s and above) including tablets, and is already compatible with the iOS 7 iBeacon framework.

Netclearance’s mBeacon2 unique solution can work with or without a mobile app, and combines indoor location based services with offline analytics under a single web based platform.

Offline analytics plus engagement – all in one package

Besides extending the support to mobile platforms beyond iOS devices, the proprietary Wi-Fi capability allows the deployment of an offline analytics solution with off-the-shelf Wi-Fi routers, thus eliminating the need for expensive and complex Wi-Fi infrastructure — at least a 10x or better cost reduction when compared with existing solutions.

“The mBeacon2 platform revolutionizes the way indoor mobile engagement and analytics is done by making it much easier to engage with consumers and analyze in-venue mobile behavior,” said David Fernandez, Founder & CEO. “We’re excited to give our customers a much more economical and comprehensive way to personalize the in-venue mobile experience, as well as the ability to collect analytics in a single affordable package.”

Of all the companies in the offline analytics space, Netclearance is the only one that works with any standard 802.11 Wireless Access Points (even an inexpensive consumer model from your local electronics retailer). The Netclearance platform eliminates the need to offer broadband services to end consumers by leveraging their existing 3G/4G connection, and can be deployed in less than 5 minutes (no Ethernet wiring required).

Extensible and affordable

The mBeacon2, which incorporates several pending patents, also features programmable control using open server APIs (REST), mobile SDKs and advanced analytics capabilities. The platform is shipping today and comes in various models depending on venue size and desired features. White-label custom housing is also available upon request.