Office space analytics, one more tool in the arsenal of maintaining a competitive and successful business.


Office space analytics help the business owner stay competitive.

Anyone who owns a business knows that running a tight ship is essential to success. Rapidly changing technology necessitates a change in how offices are managed and streamlined. Office-space analytics are programs designed to cover a range of office dynamics, from productivity to asset management to actual space utilization, and more.

Use space effectively and save money.

The traditional office space model is disappearing, due in part to the technology used by office workers. From desk-tops to laptops, cellphones, pda's and notebooks, the concept of space utilization is changing. One conservative estimate indicates that due to mobile technology, fully one-quarter of office work-space goes unused.

How to manage changing work-space needs?

An office space software that measures and assesses physical area and then allots surface space (desks, tables, cubicles) according to use. It also factors the use of chairs, open spaces and traffic flow in order to optimize all essential needs of the workers within the space. This furniture utilization is part and parcel of the software package, what furniture works best in what area of the office. Docking stations, charging areas and break areas are figured-in for a composite whole. No more wasting space, every square inch is used to create a seamless working office environment.

Office analytics go deeper than just space.

With analytic software you can know what every employee is doing at any time of the day while they are in the office. The software tracks every program or application used on a wide variety of end-user terminals, monitoring usage throughout the day. It will also run tests to determine the efficacy of the applications being used; which one is creating the most productivity and which application is generating the most help-desk issues.

Manage your workplace assets, all of them.

Complete asset tracking software manages your assets from the minute they are procured to the time they are retired. Your work machine inventory is constantly managed and tracked. You will always know who has which pda or laptop, and when they are due to return it.

Managing inventory assets.

The same goes for sales inventory. An exhaustive inventory list is compiled and logged on an hourly basis, lessening chances of theft or loss. With inventory asset tracking software you will always know who sold what, when and exactly how much should be left.

Bring your office space analytics on-board for a streamlined business

Modern businesses have a great deal to cope with in order to stay productive and competitive. Office space analytics software is one more means toward a well-functioning whole. When you know what all of your assets (human and otherwise) are doing at all times, it's easier to focus on making money.