Offline Analytics

Offline Analytics Play an Important Role in Business


Offline analytics sounds like a phrase straight out of the twentieth century. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a creature of the 21st century and is a key component of analytics, deriving information from an accurate offline source. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other analytical tools, it aids in capturing information about the customer in the brick-and-mortar setting . By identifying, measuring, and quantifying critical consumer events, offline analytics enable companies to reach viable analytical results and is the focus of Netclearance's foot traffic-counting packages.

Getting straight to the crux, offline analytics, "can actually help you increase engagement and sales, letting you analyze how people are behaving inside your store, thus giving you tremendous insights on how to improve layout, marketing, and customer experience," as reported by Venn. The important next step is to employ the technology that best obtains the information desired for the specific business. Capturing information about  dwellers versus passers-by in front of a store call for different approaches.  It is as simple as using the right tool for the right job.

Netclearance employs a system to capture the required information that leads to the most informative results, giving business owners insight into how they can increase sales and profits. After losing to web tracking ads for years now, store owners have regained the advantage. The reason given by ShopperTrak's chief executive Kevin Kearns is, "When you look at something on the web, you get ads that pop up and follow you around – companies like that have much better advantage over bricks-and-mortar retailers and so they're under more pressure to equalise the playing field," according to The Guardian. This is how foot traffic-counting equals the score.

The offline analytical package that Netclearance provides begins with its mBeacon3 Sniffer. It collects Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and BLE traffic from enabled smartphones and sends it to the cloud or store locally on device's memory. From there, the information makes it to Netclearance's analytics engine.

The amount of on-site information provided by Netclearance's analytical package is quite rich. It correlates sales data with foot-traffic, provides queuing times, helps provide insight to promotions and marketing, gives client counts, reveals where customers stay and how long (dwell) they remain in locations throughout the store. Plus, it offers this powerful marketing tool for multiple sites or locations. 

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