Pay your goceries with your phone via smart beacons

Netclearance mBeaconPay – Smart beacon terminal   

Netclearance mBeaconPay – Smart beacon terminal


Now you can pay with MobilePay in all Bilka hypermarkets. Bilka opened for the possibility of paying with MobilePay in all 18 Bilka stores in Denmark. This means that you can shop in the grocery store alone with his smartphone in your pocket, if so you have installed MobilePay app that Danish Bank’s highly successful mobile payment app. Danish Supermarket – behind the grocery store – has for some time been tested MobilePay payment solution in each Føtex supermarkets. 

It has gone so well that the solution thus now rolled out across the country. According to the grocery store go right many customers already have around with their smartphone promotion when acting in supermarkets. It is because many are using their smartphones note function to write dunce-note, like the used to check prices and recipes, while customers walk around the shops. “It is just as easy and intuitive to use MobilePay at checkout, as it is to transfer money to a friend, and in the grocery store Horsens, which already runs the solution, we can see, it is both young and old who pulls the phone forward, when they have to pay.


It is still only a limited number of customers who use MobilePay, but the number is probably higher, as people get used to using it in more stores, “says the grocery store manager Mark Nielsen in a broadcast meddelelelse. In Bilka works MobilePay function in a slightly different way than when you transfer money to individuals. In the supermarket, the phone must – with the open MobilePay app – namely kept toward a MobilePay icon at checkout, offering either NFC or Bluetooth message is sent to the phone on the amount to be paid.

According to the grocery store the vast majority of smartphones today come with either NFC or Bluetooth. When this message has gone through, you have to swipe ‘confirm’ in the normal way. The cooperation between the Danish Bank and Danish supermarket can be very well prove to be trump Danish Bank, which is in open war with the 81 Danish banks, which is behind the rival mobile payment solution Swipp. A number of other very large player has thrown himself into the battle for mobile payment solutions which will play an important – and lucrative – role in future mobile use.

Article translated to English by Dan Jensen