Beech forest, music and smart beacons

Mobile payments at festival’s stores and bars

Danish Bank and Smukfest running a pilot project in which 15-20 smart beacons in Zanzi Bar, Beautiful Shop Beech scenes and Beautiful Shop Sherwood is possible to pay with Mobilepay through Netclearance mBeaconPay technology.

Danish Bank informs that the bank for a long time has had inquiries from many festivals, events and transport companies on land, at sea and in the air who want to use technology, but where there may be challenges with a poor mobile coverage and a lot of pressure because many people are gathered in a small place.

In Skanderborg a more advanced solution is being deployed this year with a smart beacon, which is coupled to the cash register. The solution launched Danish Bank earlier this year and has already sold 13,000 smart beacons to retailers.

Faster than credit cards

“Credit card is too slow when many customers are queuing at a bar and have to pay. Mobilepay is faster than credit card. I’m excited to get out to a bar, when busy, and see how fast it really goes, “says Betina Lykke Andersen.

During the week, guests have been able to use Mobilepay and it’s so far gone without problems. Smukfest is ready to introduce mobile payments in full scale at next year’s festival, if the pilot project ends as a success.

Excerpt from original article: Mobilepay debuts at Smukfest 2015