5 Reasons Retailers Should Embrace Mobile Shopping

Mobile Shopping is Growing at Warp Speed

According to a recent Deloitte study, mobile-influenced purchases are projected to grow from $159B to $689B by 2016! The smartphone is the new shopping companion, and consumers are rapidly taking advantage of the proliferation in mobile applications and mobile services. The smart retailer will embrace these mobile-enabled shoppers with open arms.

Retailers Rejoice

The rise in mobile shopping represents new opportunities for retailers. Mobile devices not only provide an additional channel of communication with customers, but also the ability to significantly improve the in-store experience.

Retailers that understand and welcome the mobile shopper will receive many benefits including: 

  1. Increased foot traffic – Retailers can use mobile geolocation and mapping services such as Foursquare, Google, Facebook Places and Now to draw new customers in-store.
  2. Increased Sales – Retailers can capitalize on the instant shopper gratification and savings provided by mobile coupons and personalized recommendations.
  3. Real-time Analytics and Testing – Retailers can gather detailed information about a customer’s shopping behavior, leading to more relevant offers and in-store conversions.
  4. Influence Path to Purchase – Retailers can use mobile applications, real-time product recommendations and special discounts to entice shoppers to move to high value areas of the store.
  5. Reduced Staff Costs – Retailers are now able to let the mobile shopper speak directly to store personnel and/or backend systems, providing efficient and enhanced customer service at lower costs.

The Bottom Line

Retailers need to take action now. By proactively engaging the mobile shopper and improving the in-store experience, retailers will be ready to reap the benefits of the mobile shopping revolution.