Danish Supermarket Bilka embraces mBeaconPay technology

An alternative secure method of payment

Since last summer we have been working very hard in developing a smart beacon solution that can satisfy the need of banks, consumers and merchants. That is our mBeaconPay solution which now is starting to be deployed nationwide in Denmark in cooperation with Danske Bank, GoAppified, and POS vendors.

One example is Danish Supermarket Bilka group of hypermarket that since June 18 is ready with MobilePay mobile payment in all 18 Bilka hypermarkets.


As simple as 1-2-3

You can pay by holding your smartphone over a Netclearance’s Smart Beacon box with MobilePay logo on. After entering your usual 4-digit PIN in MobilePay app simply confirm the purchase with a swipe motion. 

A new generation of Smart Beacons

It all can be done through the use of NFC and Bluetooth technology to allow smartphone with Android , iOS or Windows Phone communicate through MobilePay with Netclearance’s smart beacon. Alternatively, a unique QR code is scanned with the app, if your smartphone does not support the wireless technologies, hence making the solution ubiquitous for all smartphones.

Fast and easy

The payment is so easy and effortless that it has attracted attention outside the country. People from Germany, China, Spain, the UK and Finland have made a visit to the first supermarket-department store with MobilePay- with mBeaconPay payment technology. “They have all been mighty impressed by how easy and fast it is. People get really pleasantly surprised, and sometimes they have to try several times because they have a hard time believing that it really is that easy, ” says project manager in Danish Supermarket, Steffen Skov Larsen.