Wearable Technologies in the Enterprise: Modern Keys to Efficiency


Wearable Technology on the Rise

With new technologies emerging constantly, all aspects of life are rapidly evolving, even for the least tech-savvy individual. From personal fitness and health trackers to home infant vital monitors, wearable technology has already proven it's value and demand in the consumer market.  While these are popular for making life easier for individuals, other forms of wearable technology both simplify and enhance businesses processes in any industry.

Wearable technologies in the enterprise simultaneously offer simplicity and multi-functionality, and are quickly on the rise among businesses. According to Wearable Tech, "[Analysts] estimated that more than 16 million wearables – from activity trackers to healthcare monitors and from 3D motion trackers to Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) – will ship for business use in 2016."

Cut Down the Downtime

 Wearable devices, such as this smart badge created by Netclearance Systems, Inc. posses the potential to significantly reduce wasted lean time in several ways. Equipped with a Near Field Communications module (NFC), Bluetooth Low-Energy radio (BLE), and 2 kilobytes of memory, each card is traceable and locations given are accurate to within a few meters. This allows employers to:

  • Easily ensure employees are in correct locations at any given time.
  • Quickly locate specific people whenever needed.
  • Securely track high-value product or equipment.

Six Sigma Online states "Downtime can be caused by all kinds of things, such as equipment problems, employee problems, and order problems. For every instance of wasted time there are also lost profits." Quite simply, time is money. By reducing the amount of time wasted searching for human resources or equipment, a higher level of efficiency is achievable.

Collect Crucial Data Effortlessly

 An access-control system is set up by utilizing the mBeaconGW and an external NFC reader. Tracking information is securely transmitted to Netclearance's mCloud, then continues on to the selected analytic software and applications. With this easily gathered data, employers are able to archive, analyze, and control human resource locations and movement. The ability to knowledgeably make decisions regarding human resource allocation is pertinent to many industries, making the collected information a beneficial asset.

Simplify by Consolidating Processes

The uses and benefits of the all-in-one badge do not end there. The card is also capable of being used as a form of payment for employees by taking advantage of the badge’s NFC module. By combining several employee identification and tracking processes, as well as the payment functionality, the mBeaconCard provides a simple, yet versatile, solution to multiple business needs.

Embrace Emerging Technology

Globalization and technology are constantly changing the way the world does business, making it crucial to continue improving methods and utilizing revolutionary technologies. For more information on state-of-the-art technology in the enterprise, contact us.