mBeaconSAM - Small Chip Brings Huge Possibilities for the Payments Industry

mBeaconSAM - Fintech Innovation for Payments Acceptance

The first mobile OS application and terminal agnostic Security Access Module with BLE (Bluetooth LE) capabilities compatible with ISO 7816 Smart Card standard. The mBeaconSAM provides legacy and new payments terminal infrastructure with proximity payments, marketing and loyalty applications in a standard 2FF card form factor that seamlessly integrates with the card reader SAM slots.


Open Interface Accelerates Innovation

With a unified smart card API, an open SDK and BLE 5.0 capabilities, our mBeaconSAM adds IoT-like features to existing and new card reader infrastructure thus ushering a new era of mobile interactions between the payment infrastructure and smartphones, wearables and other devices. An open interface enables devices to connect with the POS via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) so that there is no more dependency on the walled gardens built by mobile device manufacturers or network operators and more data can be captured during the transaction.

Advanced Security

The mBeaconSAM with bank-grade encryption enables white-label mobile wallets and loyalty applications fully integrated with your card reader infrastructure without costly upgrades or impact to your PCI compliance.

How Netclearance Can Help

We can help enable your existing payment terminals to accept mobile payments from smartphones and wearables outside the 'walled gardens' of Apple, Google and other NFC systems. Click here for more information on how our next generation mobile payment beacon provides a compelling proposition for retailers and fintech companies.